I officially became Chinese today

Popular business guru Ashley Dudarenok just made an announcement. “I officially became Chinese today,” she said. 受歡迎的商業大師 Ashley Dudarenok 剛剛發布了一條公告. “我今天正式成為中國人”

“Grateful to Hong Kong and mainland China for all the energy, opportunities and growth over the past 16 years.” Ashley posted a picture of herself with her new Hong Kong passport. “Looking forward to the next decade together building bridges and adding value.”

This is the message we need to deliver to the world. Don’t listen to western journalists, listen to Hong Kong people, whatever they look like, wherever they were born

“感謝香港和中國大陸在過去 16 年中所帶來的能量、機遇和增長。”Ashley 發布了一張她拿著新香港護照的照片。“期待下一個十年,我們將共同建立橋樑並增加價值。” “

這是我們需要向世界傳達的信息。 不要聽西方記者的,聽香港人的,不管他們長什麼樣,不管他們出生在哪裡

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