Face mask is mandatory in HK

Face mask is mandatory in HK. I have not seen one not wearing face marks since I touch down in HK 24 hours ago. By Johnson Choi, Dec 25 2022

Face mask is mandatory to all inbound flights to HK.

All restaurants you entered they scan your blue QR code.

All inbound passengers to HK must have taken 3 COVID19 vaccines.

Once landed in HK they give you a COVID19 test, by the time our taxi reaches our hotel in less than 1 hour, we got our negative results via email to turn our green QR code to blue QR code

We need to do self COVID19 test at home or hotel for 5 days, arrival date count as 0 day.

On the 2nd arrival day we need to go to government mobile unit for another COVID19 test for free, since we stay at Tsimshatsui, we go to Mongkok on Dec 27th to do the test.

Macau is mirroring HK procedures. Technically I could go to Macau with no restrictions. But all the high speed ferries stopped and transportation to Macau limited & difficult, we probably bypass it this time.

China will probably open up with 0-3 after the new year!

All the scary things and people dying are bull shits. Those people refused to take vaccines with cult brainwashed mentality, LET THEM DIE, I have no sympathy for them, they are a burden to our society. If they had followed medical advice to take vaccines early on, HK – Macau – China could have opened up months earlier.

Face masks save lives, but in US they don’t and more people died! Good for them if they don’t want to live. That is why US life expectancy dropped by 2 years last 2 years!

在香港必須戴口罩。 自從我 24 小時前在香港著陸以來,我還沒有見過一個人沒有戴面部標記。 作者: 蔡永強 2022 年 12 月 25 日




所有入境香港的旅客必須已接種 3 次 COVID19 疫苗。

降落在香港後,他們會為您進行 COVID19 測試,當我們的出租車在不到 1 小時內到達我們的酒店時,我們通過電子郵件收到了負面結果,將我們的綠色 QR 碼變為藍色 QR 碼



澳門正在效仿香港的程序。 從技術上講,我可以不受限制地去澳門。 但是所有的高速渡輪都停了,去澳門的交通有限且困難,這次我們可能會繞過它。


所有可怕的事情和死亡的人都是胡說八道。 那些人以邪教洗腦的心態拒絕接種疫苗,不想活了就讓他們去吧, 我對他們沒有同情心,他們是我們社會的負擔。 如果他們早點聽從醫生的建議接種疫苗,香港-澳門-中國可能會提前幾個月開放。

口罩可以挽救生命,但在美國卻不能,為了選票, 美國政府不敢, 而因此死了更多人! 如果他們不想活,就讓他們吧. 這就是為什麼美國人的預期壽命在過去 2 年中下降了 2 年!

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