China Covid Surge Update Dec 27th

China Covid Surge Update Dec 27th – guest appearance on CGTN Dialogue by MARIO CAVOLO, DEC 27 2022

Its been awhile since my last post but as I believe most of you know, pretty much everyone we know including ourselves here in Shenyang caught Covid around two weeks ago. We’re all recovering fine and appreciate your best wishes. At the bottom of this article you will find the two links to the CGTN Dialogue shows on December 25th and 26th we just recorded and I encourage you to watch for an on the ground up date on the Covid surge happening in China right now.

On CGTN Dialogue, two shows on December 25th and 26th, I had the genuine pleasure to join fellow CCG researchers to update our international audience, for whom I have the utmost respect for, Senior Fellow Andy Mok and Senior Fellow Zoon Ahmed Khan, for an important up to the minute on the ground discussion of what’s happening right now here in China.

I encourage you to watch both of these shows.

CGTN Dialogue with host Xu Qinduo – December 25th

CGTN Dialogue with host Xu Qinduo – December 25th

Most importantly is to understand that I can fully confirm that Shenyang, Beijing and a few other cities were the first to get hit and peak, that as of now, everyone was sick, is recovered and is back to work. The primary longer term symptom seems to be a lingering cough with some congestion, slowly but surely going away. I am now on day 14 and my cough is almost completely gone.

Second main point, there is no panic at all happening in China and why would there be? There is one main problem for China right now and as usual it is being improperly distorted and misrepresented in the vast majority of western voices, including some whom are genuinely evil, dark, wicked and vile, acting with malice.

I encourage you as always to accept the truthful, rational explanations I offer on China so that you realistically, accurately understand China.

These wicked actors are a truly weird, strange bunch with nothing but malicious intent, I suppose the majority are also pot smokers, drug users, drinkers, etc, so self-obsessed that they self obsessively take credit for every breath I take including my recent decision to stop being active on Twitter, which I had already been concluding for several months was 1) not worth the energy I was putting into it and 2) continues degrading into a more & more toxic gross place like most western social media platforms.

The recent “Elon Musk Twitter files” related melodrama is the most self-serving pointless waste of time I have recently witnessed, a pointless vacuous self-serving circus of social media toxicity that is consuming western society in a very bad way.

I had recently read some articles from a couple years earlier when the focus of this problem was Facebook, Congress interviewing Zuckerberg and all that political circus, and was reminded that in general, social media platforms in the west are very much part of the neoliberal cancerous poisoning of society there, the obvious and relentless decline of the society is all the proof we need. Derogatory uncivil speech is allowed and this serves to destabilize, divide degrade and even make dangerous the society. I have come to believe as many other voices have said, that this is intentional.

This 2021 NIH report on Facebook is disturbing as hell and as far as I can tell, now all of its concerns equally apply to Twitter. Here’s some of it. Sit down before you read it.

“Facebook’s ethical failures are not accidental; they are part of the business model. Facebook’s stated mission is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” But a deeper look at their business model suggests that it is far more profitable to drive us apart. By creating “filter bubbles”—social media algorithms designed to increase engagement and, consequently, create echo chambers where the most inflammatory content achieves the greatest visibility—Facebook profits from the proliferation of extremism, bullying, hate speech, disinformation, conspiracy theory, and rhetorical violence. Facebook’s problem is not a technology problem. It is a business model problem. This is why solutions based in technology have failed to stem the tide of problematic content. If Facebook employed a business model focused on efficiently providing accurate information and diverse views, rather than addicting users to highly engaging content within an echo chamber, the algorithmic outcomes would be very different.

Facebook’s failure to check political extremism, willful disinformation, and conspiracy theory has been well-publicized, especially as these unseemly elements have penetrated mainstream politics and manifested as deadly, real-world violence.”

Like I said, this is what they have allowed American society to become infiltrated with and its all the same for Twitter now as far as I can see. Here’s the link:

Lastly, let me note to you that I may decide to engage to counter the voices of malice. They are funded and have an army of scumbags so its not easy. They deserve to be destroyed and stopped, I’m just not clear yet how that fits into the priorities of my time & energy & spirit. Life is too precious perhaps to spend any moment of it pondering what the piece of shit scumbags of the world like serpentza, who is the main ringleader of the malice, do with their time? Ultimately, we all sow what we reap but the second rule is to pick our battles wisely because our time and our life is precious.

I’m so glad I live in China which is far more safe & stable. I am so glad the Chinese government has the wisdom to keep this neoliberal cancerous agenda OUT of China.

Our family has been so blessed this many years and 2022, despite the overall chaotic tone, has been another terrific year for us. So I just focus on doing exactly what I’ve said all along, my work and views are for people who are interested in my work, not to argue with those who aren’t. Do authors write books for the people who want to read their books or for people who don’t want to read their books? Silly question.

So the main problem now in China is the sheer #s of millions of cases and the fact that the vast majority of people outside of or not familiar with China cannot comprehend what is happening in this regard and so are so easily misled, especially by the collective voices acting with malice.

For example, in a typical western city, if there is a huge viral outbreak, that city might have a population of one million and 100 deaths. That’s a low, common death rate for a flu outbreak. However, in China, dozens of cities have massive populations more in the range of 10 million, so you have to accept that the # of deaths is also going to be 10X higher, that’s 1000 deaths. No city in the world has funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums prepared to handle that excess capacity in the short term. And so even though the death rate as a % is low and even though there is no panic, and yes, even though it is tragic and sad, the western media portray it as a disaster, focusing on showing you busy crematoriums which then somehow translates into a giant evil conspiracy by the Chinese government. That these western voices use tragedy for their politics is abominable, truly disgraceful and pathetic.

Next. The US and Europe had already both STOPPED COUNTING CASES. So why is it a big deal if China now does the same? It is obvious that that on December 7th, China announced that they STOPPED broad testing and STOPPED required health QR codes. So obviously they stopped tracking cases, how do you expect them after formally announcing that they stopped tracking cases to then track cases? Its a ridiculous argument and just another false excuse to demonize China. Endless…

On CGTN Dialogue, two shows on December 25th and 26th, I had the genuine pleasure to join fellow CCG researchers whom I have the utmost respect for, Andy Mok and Zoon Ahmed Khan, for an important up to the minute discussion of what’s happening on the ground right now and encourage you to watch both of these shows.

CGTN Dialogue with host Xu Qinduo – December 25th

CGTN Dialogue with host Xu Qinduo – December 25th

That’s all for now, thanks friends, Mario

Oh no, one more thing. Don’t forget it.

Today is December 27th China is the now the largest safe stable successful capable civil & peaceful country on the planet.

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