Astonishing statements by US Gov’t mouthpiece media, the NYT

There are some astonishing statements by US Gov’t mouthpiece media, the NYT 美國政府的喉舌媒體《紐約時報》發表了一些令人震驚的聲明 on Dec 24 2022 such as:

As elsewhere in the developing world, the West has seemingly lost hearts and minds here. President Biden’s framework for this era — the battle between democracy and rising autocracy — comes across as too binary for a time of complex challenges. Despite the war in Ukraine, even because of it, Central Africans are intensely skeptical of lessons on Western “values.”

Tired of Western hypocrisy and empty promises, stung by the shrug that war in Africa elicits in Western capitals as compared with war in Ukraine, many people I met were inclined to support Mr. Putin over their former colonizers in Paris.

China spreads its influence through huge investments, construction and loans. Mr. Biden convened the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit “to build on our shared values” and announced $15 billion in new business deals, as the West scrambles to play catch-up and overcome a legacy of colonialism.

These paragraphs appear early in the article, the rest mostly talked about Russian brutality and domination of this country but it also observed that Russian’s killings, while brutal, brought peace and stability.

與發展中世界的其他地方一樣,西方在這裡似乎已經失去了人心。 拜登總統為這個時代製定的框架 – 民主與崛起的專制之間的鬥爭 – 對於一個充滿複雜挑戰的時代來說過於二元化。 儘管烏克蘭發生了戰爭,甚至正因為如此,中非人仍對西方“價值觀”的課程持強烈懷疑態度。


中國通過巨額投資、建設和貸款擴大影響力。 拜登先生召開了美非領導人峰會,“以建立我們共同的價值觀”,並宣布了 150 億美元的新商業交易,因為西方國家正在努力追趕並克服殖民主義的遺留問題。


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