Samsung is dying from US Chip sanctions

Samsung is dying from US Chip sanctions – US is sacrificing her ally again – But it can’t be mentioned by S Korean Gov’t – when you have a friend like US – who need an enemy 三星正在死於美國的芯片製裁 – 美國再次犧牲她的盟友 – 但韓國政府不能提及它 – 當你有像美國這樣的朋友時 – 需要敵人 – by SF Bay Area China Group 12-28-23

Samsung is SK’s flagship multinational conglomerate. Samsung electronics is the flagship Samsung coporation.

SK is sometimes called the Republic of Samsung. If Samsung fails, SK is not too far behind.
The top executives of Samsung Group’s affiliates held an emergency meeting earlier this week to discuss potential risks in the conglomerate’s flagship semiconductor business and brace for the looming global economic recession, according to industry officials, Wednesday…

Last week, Goldman Sachs said Samsung Electronics’ fourth-quarter operating profit is expected to decline 58.3 percent year-on-year to 5.8 trillion won ($4.6 billion). The U.S. investment bank anticipated in particular that the Korean firm’s operating profit from its semiconductor business would fall 83 percent year-on-year to 1.5 trillion won.

Domestic securities firms, which have rarely published negative reports on Samsung Electronics, also expect its semiconductor business to suffer an operating loss from the first quarter of 2023, for the first time in 14 years.

“Starting from a fourth-quarter operating loss at the NAND flash business, the company is expected to suffer an operating loss at the semiconductor business during the first quarter of next year,” Daishin Securities analyst Wi Min-bok said.

BNK Securities analyst Lee Min-hee also said Samsung Electronics will lose money from its semiconductor business during the first quarter of next year, because of the worsening profitability of both the memory and non-memory chip sectors….

The tech firm’s device experience (DX) division asked employees to halve the cost of office supplies, including printer paper.

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