I went to 4 China HOSPITALS in 3 cities in 1 DAY

CHINA vlog video: I went to 4 HOSPITALS in 3 cities in 1 DAY. This video is as good as it gets to learn the truth of what’s happening in China since its opening up from the pandemic.

NUMEUVEs visited 3 hospitals, in the city of Guangzhou, which I visited in 2019, and am familiar with the places he went to. Another is in Shenzhen and the third on the outskirts of Guangzhou.
What he reported corroborated what my relatives told me. That China is winning the battle, and perhaps the war with covid. There are no long lines at each of the hospitals, due to symptoms being very mild with those who are infected, and the number of infected is coming down rapidly, having reached its peak. It is anticipated it will continue to come down. By mid-January, we will see some amazing results and data. (of course, according to Western media, it is all lies)

It is a crime to require Chinese citizens to take an extra test before entering these countries, US, Japan, and Italy. The reason: China is lying about its data.

But what this video shows is that, on the ground level, things are going as reported. And it corroborates what my relatives in Guangzhou are saying, “the Government is handling this covid policy very well. We trust it.” They are not seeking Pavclovid or Tylenol. They have their own herbal treatments. They are not dying en masse and rushing to the hospitals. And everyone worked together, wearing masks. I didn’t see one who did not wear mask.

John Walsh: I know you cared about how China is doing. I think this video will give you some assurance. As one comment said, this video is what good factual journalism should be like. I agree.

Death rate of the BS.5.2.17 (BF.7) variant estimated to be 0.02%. This is comparable to the mortality rate for flu. We’ll see if that is correct.

US Gov’t mouthpiece NYT very unhappy: https://archive.md/TXqBS

A month ago we were on the edge of our seats cheering for the protestors who wanted China’s restrictions to end. Where were the fear and common sense then? We all got what we wished for, what seems to be the issue?

Also, note that the West is worried that Covid-infected people from China are travelling.

They say 50% of people arriving from China are testing positive in Italy.

But someone taking a 12 hour vacation trip to Italy with luggage is not someone who is deathly sick.


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