Giving up US citizenship

Giving up US citizenship seems to be a trend and new normal in Silicon Valley as well as in Hong Kong 放棄美國國籍似乎是矽谷和香港的趨勢和新常態 Jan 6 2023

I informed my friend after receiving the text message:

CL: According to the above message, looks like my friend’s daughter did it with the help of Singapore Gov’t.

Coincidentally, last night I had dinner with another friend for 20 years who has a 19 years daughter attending Cornell University, her daughter also planned to give up her US citizenship!

Two families in a day were surprised 15 years ago. Today, it has become a new normal giving up US Citizenship!

The big difference between our discussion and Chinese families in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong are their families including parents and grandparents are in full support for their children and grandchildren to give up their US Citizenships. Looking at the dozens I know who gave up their US citizenships last 5 years! Only one kind of people did it: they are all smart, educated and full of energy!

I do not recommend kids not belonging to the above categories to give up their US Citizenships, especially those that are on parent’s or grandparents’ welfare plans!

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