Thanks and Aloha to our friends in Hong Kong

We will be leaving HK later tonight back to our foster home. We would like to thanks more than 3 dozens people we met last 15 days. You are so lucky to live in HK, a safe modern city Asia Financial Center shopping heaven with no gun violence, world class transportation system, 12,000 restaurants to choose from to get a meal for 2 for less than US$10 or US$1,000 entirely up to your budget. Low 17% maximum tax rates, no homeless, professional (no overweight) police force and a Gov’t don’t treated their citizens as enemies of the state. Don’t promote Asian Hates from where we travel from, Hong Kong – Asia’s World City – Lives it, Love it! 我們今晚將離開香港回到我們的寄養家庭。 我們要感謝過去 15 天我們遇到的超過36人。 你們真的很幸運住在香港,一個安全的現代化城市亞洲金融中心沒有槍支暴力的購物天堂,世界一流的交通系統,12,000 家餐廳可供選擇,2 人用餐不到 10 美元或 1,000 美元任你選擇視乎你的經濟能力, 17% 的最高稅率,沒有無家可歸者,專業(沒有超重)警察。政府不會像美國將其公民視為國家的敵人, 天天傳播對亞洲人的仇恨,香港 – 亞洲的世界城市 – 熱愛它!

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