Remembered when we fall in love

Remembered when we fall in love, thought that was the best happening to each others. As time gone by things have changed. The spouse became abusive, calling you names, beating you up said you are no good SOB. Eventually you could not take it anymore so you filed for divorce. It is a painful long process. This usually does not happened overnight. Some had to wait for years due to young children, finance, jobs and other factors.

That is exactly what happened to many immigrants came to US decades ago with hopes and dreams. The land of hopes and dreams now turned abusive promote Asian hates, accused you are spies for your motherland, reenact 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and making you an enemy of the states for no reason except your skin color.

When you complain, some not only show no sympathy, they said you got abused for so many years already, why not just accepting it as a price to pay to live in this foster home.

Unfortunately not everyone will play dead. The smart one with skills and resources are saying I am not going to put up with it anymore.

If it is a couple, they filed for divorce.

If a country does that to you, you give up the citizenship and return to your motherland. Not every immigrant has the option to return home, fortunately Chinese has that option.

記得當我們墜入愛河時,認為那是發生在彼此身上最好的事情。 隨著時間的流逝,事情發生了變化。 配偶開始辱罵,打你, 侮辱你, 說你是一個雜種. 最終你受不了, 提出了離婚。 這是一個痛苦的漫長過程。 這不是一夜之間發生的。 由於年幼的孩子、經濟、工作和其他因素,一些人不得不等待多年。

這正是幾十年前帶著希望和夢想來到美國的許多移民的遭遇。 希望和夢想的土地現在變成了辱罵亞裔和推動仇恨,指責你是中國間諜,重新制定 1882 年的排華法案,讓你無緣無故地成為美國的敵人,原因很簡單就是因為你的膚色。


不幸的是,並不是每個人都會裝死。 有技能和資源的聰明人說我不會再忍受了。


如果一個國家對你這樣做,你就放棄公民身份並返回你的祖國。 不是每個移民都有回國的選擇,幸運的是中國人有這個選擇。

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