HK High-speed rail reopens from January 15th

🚅High-speed rail reopens from January 15th 📲Tickets are pre-sold on the same day 🥳Quota free for customs clearance

📣The government stated that the West Kowloon Port of the High Speed Rail and the Hong Kong Section of the High Speed Rail will resume service from January 15th. Tickets will be pre-sold from now on, with 5,000 tickets for northbound and southbound each day.

✅Contact site:
📍Futian 📍Shenzhen North 📍Guangzhou South 🆕Guangzhou East
✅Intermediate stop:
📍Guangming City📍Humen📍Qingsheng🆕Dongguan South🆕Dongguan

🤩There is no quota required for the high-speed rail to pass the border, passengers pass the border by ticket

⚠️Must have a negative nucleic acid test result report within 48 hours

⭕️Pre-sale of high-speed rail tickets starts today (January 12), starting at 12:00 noon. Citizens can purchase tickets through, mobile apps or designated travel agencies. West Kowloon Station will reopen at 14:00 For the public to buy tickets.







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