Video: US chips’ China containments complete failure

Video: US chips’ China containments complete failure. China’s “Photonic Chip” Breakthrough the Resurgence Of Huawei-ASML Is A Big Storm In A Teacup 美國芯片對中國圍堵徹底失敗. 中國 “光子芯片” 突破 華為-ASML再起是茶杯裡的大風暴

Over the years, when it comes to microchip design, the cutting-edge technologies and methods have been a stronghold of the Western World – a world in which China seems unsettling! Patent filings now show that Huawei has made impressive strides in chip manufacturing which further buttresses the possibility of the company having a major comeback by producing small cutting-edge chips – by themselves! But this brings us to the burning question:

What does China’s chip breakthrough mean for ASML? Also, should Huawei’s recent resurgence have the ASML and the West shaking in their boots? Find out in today’s video! Huawei is one of the biggest private companies in China! Their products range from smartphones to routers to computers and almost every other gadget you can think of, which the modern world needs.

Some months ago, news broke forth that they had made a patent filing for microchip technology, and now that it has finally been displayed for all eyes to see, it’s just as impressive as anyone could have realistically hoped for – maybe even more! They finally found a way to use light from ultraviolet rays to engrave a chip’s inner components into a silicon piece. If things go well for Huawei, they may just be able to get closer to creating 3nm and 4nm chips with some local partners like SMIC!

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