Deng Xiao Ping was right


The United States has launched a comprehensive over-the-limit struggle against China, and China has no choice but to completely defeat the United States!

The 1.4 billion people in China must abandon all illusions and fully and actively prepare for the arrival of all possible and impossible situations. This is a structural and irreconcilable contradiction between the East and the West, and it is bound to collide with all forces. It becomes a heated battle until the winner is decided! It’s not that China wants to compete, but the Americans want to compete!

What is the ultimate goal of the United States towards China? An old man spoke out 32 years ago! Time: June 9, 1989, the fifth day after the Tiananmen riots on June 4!

Venue: Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee in Zhongnanhai, Beijing.

Content: Deng Xiaoping’s remarks on the events in Tiananmen Square:

This matter can be seen at a glance, unequivocally, clearly, it is two purposes;

1) Down with the Communist Party, down with socialism! (to overthrow the central government)

2) To establish a completely western model of the so-called Federal Republic of China

The Tiananmen incident of June 4th was part of the “color revolution” instigated by the United States, and the other half was the fact that there were indeed short-term problems such as government downturns, power-for-money transactions, corruption, privileges, and the expansion of the gap between rich and poor in Chinese society just after the reform and opening up.

Mr. Deng’s eyes were like a torch, and he saw through it at a glance, and set the tone for it. Putting down the chaos is absolutely necessary and taken for granted!

After more than 28 years, U.S. President Trump started and launched a trade war against China, a technological war, and a biological and chemical weapon war. Development, in fact, simply speaking, is still the same as what Deng Xiaoping said, even if the CCP is not in power, the United States still wants to defeat and eliminate or disintegrate China (the old man’s vision penetrates time and space, and he has already stated the true purpose of the United States!

Looking at the evolution and development of the situation in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even the United States and China and the new crown epidemic in recent years, it is indeed as Deng Xiaoping said that day: “This turmoil will come sooner or later. This is the international climate and China’s own microclimate. When such a thing happens, it doesn’t depend on people’s awareness. No matter how you do things, it will still happen. It’s just a matter of time, big or small. “The same is true for the US-China confrontation. To stop China is to lose ten thousand dollars, no matter who is in power in China, and regardless of whether China’s political system changes (Russia is the current example, the world has no Soviet Union, has the United States let Russia go?) The United States will still not hesitate Everything must be done to defeat China, because this is the life and death of two hegemonies. The Americans must decide whether to win or lose until one side surrenders and admits defeat. China has no choice but to “abandon illusions and prepare to fight to the death!” In all In the U.S. battlefield, Taiwan will be the watershed between the U.S. and China in their struggle for hegemony! And the hands of the war clock will only go faster and faster! The situation facing mainland China is just like what Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said: “The United States wants Huawei to die!” , we have nowhere to go except “victory”! Don’t be fooled by the so-called “democracy, freedom and human rights” slogans in the United States, Europe and the West. When did the suppression and control of the two countries ever let go!? Perhaps Beijing is unwilling to expose the U.S. conspiracy behind the June 4 incident based on the principle of fighting without breaking. I am no longer afraid to open my belly and let the world see and know the ugliness of the United States! Anyway, they will kill you, so what scruples and reservations do you have?

Conclusion: Even if the political system of mainland China changes to the Western model in the future, and even is governed by the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan, the ultimate goal of the United States is still to split China. To control China is a regime that is completely submissive to the United States, Europe and the West, and whether China Democratization has nothing to do with it at all. All Chinese, whether they are yellow or blue, whether they are from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or overseas Chinese, it is time to abandon their illusions. Only by fighting to the end can the Chinese have a way out!

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