This is Jackson Wang, I am from China

Video: HK star Jackson Wang is going viral after an angry outburst against the fake Western medias demonized his country: China, and the UK audience screams its approval 我是王嘉爾, 我來自中國. 香港明星王嘉爾在對妖魔化他的國家:中國, 他對西方假媒體的憤怒爆發後走紅: 英國觀眾尖叫它的認可

BIG DRAMA ON STAGE IN LONDON! Hong Kong star Jackson Wang is going viral for refusing to dial back his anger at the negative way the media is portraying China. Clearly furious, he used strong language to describe the “propaganda” told about his home, speaking in English at a concert in London on January 12. The audience roared its approval.
I love you so much.
I care about you.
It’s Jackson: I’m from China.
[scream of approval from audience]
I don’t give a f* about anything else. This [China] is my home. This is my home country.
[Angry] Listen. LISTEN!
There’s so much fing media talking about fing bs.
It’s not like China.
Media! Fing media! Propaganda bs.
You travel to China ONE TIME.
You’ll feel like: ‘Damn, this is a dope place.’
I don’t know what game they are trying to play.
I don’t fing know. Hey, I’m just an artist. I’m an entertainer. I’m a citizen. I’m a person. I don’t know no shit. I don’t give a f.
Meanwhile, other commentators like Vica are echoing his call.
People shouldn’t just accept what the media says, but try to visit and make up their own minds about things.

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