ain’t you Catholic?

My high school classmates asked me recently, ain’t you Catholic? When colonialists went to Africa, Philippines, Hawaii, China…they lack common language so they import Christianity to brainwash conquer & rule. Today, they are using the same to engage in subversive activities in HK, Thailand, Myanmar… 最近我的高中同學問我,你不是天主教徒嗎? 當殖民主義者去非洲、菲律賓、夏威夷、中國… 他們缺乏共同語言,所以他們輸入基督教/天主教來洗腦征服和統治當地人民. 今天,他們正利用它在香港、泰國、緬甸……從事顛覆活動

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