Yellen-Liu meeting in Davos’s World Economic Forum

Professor Ling-chi Wang of UC Berkeley: Yellen-Liu meeting in Davos’s World Economic Forum yesterday.

The Hong Kong report on the meeting reflects what China wants from the U.S. 杨风’s lengthy analysis and comments on the meeting are quite informative and insightful. ( Liu He, Chinese vice-premiere used the forum to project China’s comprehensive, albeit, sketchy view of what its plan is for the coming years in the world and to assure the world where it is coming from and where it wants to go. ( I think it is clever for him to use the forum to project China’s view across the world. China often does not have a chance to do that without being ignored or be given a negative spin by the Western media. For The NY Times, this is a routine, daily occurrence. For example, The NY Times did not cover the Yellen-Liu meeting at all in both its print and online editions today. Just another significant example of how irresponsible and prejudicial New YorkTimes is! U.S. Secretary of Treasury made a last-minute detour on her way to meetings in Africa in order to meet with Liu He at Davos so that she can ask China to help deal with ongoing U.S. debt crisis. Obviously, The NY Times editors thought the debt crisis was not important enough to deserve coverage or the picture of our Treasury Secretary seeking help from our Enemy No. 1, China, was too embarrassing or humiliating for Almighty U.S. I wonder which country in the world world is big and powerful enough to lend a helping hand to the U.S. right now?

From my own perspective, as long as the U.S. continues its all-out effort to bury China by political, economic, and military means on a daily basis throughout the world, China would be stupid to even lift a finger to help the U.S. We are all going to suffer if the U.S. economy collapses. We simply could not bite the hands that feed us. The only way out for us is to seek help from China as we did in the 2008 global financial crisis. 2023 is the year we must seek help from China again because China is the only country in the world expected to grow, now that China is reopen for business after three years of COVID-19 lockdown and successfully saving the lives of millions of Chinese people. One small step forward for the U.S. to do as a gesture of sincerity is to fire Katherine Tai and to remove the tariffs and technology ban of our trade war policies against China.. These policies are causing inflation and inflict untold pains for American people.

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