Education is your only future

Recent events forced me to think back what Choi’s family did is different? We have to give credits to my Grandfather. He was born and raised in HK went to Saint Joseph. He sets the rules and passed it on to my father and my father to us. The rules are simple.

1) All CHOIs must attend school and finished high school. When my Grandfather was born in 1875, no college in HK. Therefore at that time finishing high schools a must without exceptions. When it came to my father’s kids, college was difficult but available for the students with top grades, so a couple of my brothers attended HKU and the rest went to Canada for higher education.

2) All CHOIs after finished high schools (before college education was available in HK) and those finished attending universities (graduated) MUST leave parents home with no exceptions. Those did not finished high schools were told to be kicked out of the house after reaching age 18 (no one made the list so far).

3) We were given a strong impression by our grandfather and father that failing in school equate to failure in life and there is absolutely no future because a) you ruin your own life, b) if married ruin your own family and c) ruin your own children future.

The above were taught since Grade 1 or in HK primary 1.

Looking back with more than 100 siblings since my Grandfather, I could not recall seeing a single CHOI ends up becoming a pest in our family.

最近發生的事情讓我不得不回想蔡家的做法和其他的有什麼不一樣?我們必須把功勞歸功於我的祖父。他在香港出生和長大,在聖若瑟書院畢業. 他制定了規則,並將其傳遞給了我父親,我父親也傳遞給了我們。規則很簡單。

1) 所有蔡家人都必須上學並完成高中學業。我祖父 1875 年出生時,香港還沒有大學。因此當時無一例外地完成高中學業。到了我父親的孩子,上大學很難,但成績最好的學生可以上大學,所以我的二個哥哥就讀了香港大學,其餘的則去了加拿大接受高等教育。

2) 所有蔡家人高中畢業(在香港提供大學教育之前)和上過大學的蔡家人都必須在完成學業後馬上離開父母家, 無一例外。那些沒有完成高中學業的人被告知在年滿 18 歲後被趕出家門(到目前為止還沒有人上榜)

3) 我們的祖父和父親從小就給我們留下了深刻的印象,學業失敗等同於人生的失敗,絕對沒有未來,因為 a) 你毀了自己的生活,b) 如果結婚毀了你自己的家庭,c) 毀了你的自己的孩子未來。


回顧我祖父以來的 100 多個蔡家後代,我找不到一個蔡家人成為蔡家的害蟲。

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