I Am Dreaming Governments Join With China

I Am Dreaming Governments Join With China, Whose Priority Is To Insure Safety, Stability & Peace for Us The People 我夢想各國政府與中國合作,中國的首要任務是確保我們人民的安全、穩定與和平 by MARIO CAVOLO JAN 26 2023

Mario Cavolo, a China-based Italian-American writer and communications specialist lives in China for 24 years.

A much respected friend wrote to me to be more nuanced in my “hate for our country” and I appreciated it because clarifying is very important. Friends, I have no such feeling of hate toward America, not even toward it’s govt. I am sad, disgusted & angry, in equal proportions about the multitude of unacceptable, horrifying happenings.

I am in dismay of US govt decisions increasingly hurting the majority while increasingly favoring the minority. That’s the plainest, simplest description of the problem my mind can conjure.

That they are doing so is beyond dispute. They are hurting the entire world with their endless intentional warmongering while China rises in peace.

I was hopeful with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but no, they rolled right into provoking Putin to start the next conflict for their profits and interests. Innocent Ukrainians be damned, oh well. Yesterday, Zelensky addressed a Chamber of Commerce event in Florida, reminding them of the opportunities for US business in Ukraine. This I surely hate. At home domestically, the life of the middle class declines steadily while of course, the chaos & violence increases. Who is responsible? THE GOVT. Is this happening in China? NO. The comparison is stark.

Is China making war? Attacking? Killing? Who? Where? No one, no other country. The last military involvement by China was in Vietnam in the late 1970s. Recently, nothing more than a few border skirmishes with India. The Uyghur genocide accusation then? That is a lie, Uyghur population AND incomes has grown by 30%, that’s not genocide.

So you see, they cover their own sins by lying about China. I wish to puke. I am disgusted but I don’t hate America which is an immature response. I hate WATCHING its decline & violence, the wonderful country my Italian family immigrated to for a better life. I hate that is gone. I hate it has become a plutocracy. I know as a rational adult the decisions of the leaders OF EVERY GOVT is what causes the conditions occurring in that country, yes? In every single country, it is the leaders of the government who create and allow what is happening to the people in the society & economy of that country.

The domestic situation for the people is declining by the collective decisions & policies of elected officials in a broken govt. Jeffrey Sachs, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and countless other voices of far higher influence say the same as my tiny voice.

We have all expressed this same idea, “As an American myself, it is particularly disturbing to witness this and to have to talk about it.”

Yet, the monstrous machine continues forward, not even slight improvements to give us hope.

That declining country is also the most powerful warmongering, violent country w 800 military bases all over the world. So the failures of that govt create instability which put us all in danger, feeling increasingly worried and less safe. Isn’t that how you feel?

The #1 thing we the people in every country want is safety & stability, the ongoing decisions of the US govt are moving it’s own citizens & the entire world away from that not toward it, bouncing from war to war like a monster, while FED monetary policy feeds the plutocracy not the people. Is this my imagination? Am I crazy?

It has become an increasingly stark contrast as my 24 years living here in China have accumulated. I sit here living in a country that does everything possible to avoid war & violence. Do you live in a country whose govt governs that way? You want the truth about Mr Ma? Here it is. I am NOT at peace. I am NOT happy, carefree & filled with joy. How could I be?

Much like people in the past during periods of major historical shifts including the wars we are all too familiar with, my fate has me torn between shifting worlds, plus a global pandemic which, however your country responded, created stress, burden, worry & death. On top of that the world’s most powerful country is a warmongering imperialist bully also making each and every one of us feel fear & worry. We are watching them refuse to urgently engage in diplomacy to end war and make peace, instead intentionally allowing, encouraging, provoking & creating more war. Again, am I incorrect on this?

Here’s a current factoid to help you understand how extreme and absurd the Ukraine situation is. Ukraine has already lost somewhere around 2000 tanks. In today’s news, we have confirmation that Germany and the US will send them…are you ready?…less than 50 more. I can only shake my head in wonder…

So then, how could I possibly feel relaxed carefree wellbeing on a daily basis? You have to look the other way. I can’t. I am a stoic. A realist. Life is precarious at best and now particular so. It is the United States government who is the leading power & influencer of the world setting the tone and acting as the primary instigator of these problems we face.

The more you realize it’s not natural nor ok to kill, a rule that seems so obvious, the more upset you become about what’s been & still is happening in the world at the hands of the leaders who govern these particular countries sowing endless conflict, divisiveness, war & death of innocents. I would like them to stop so we can all relax.

I want govts whose top priority is peace, safety & stability for all. I am living inside of one for 24 years. I am dreaming more and more countries will be the same and most importantly, that the United States becomes one of them. For the sake of mankind, I am dreaming. Mario

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