All currencies including US$ not back by gold are “I Owe You”. Most countries debts must be repaid except US, we just print more US$. 包括美元在內的所有沒有黃金支持的貨幣都是“我欠你”。大多數國家的債務都必須償還,除了美國,我們只是多印美元.

Why US has the privileges others don’t?

Since US$ not back by gold, how we made US$ world currency until now.

1) Military – any countries not using US$ for trade, especially oil trades were destroyed such as Iraq and Libya.

2) Controlled medias – 80% of the English Medias are controlled by US & her vassal states. They are the mouth pieces of US Gov’t. Their job is to brainwash Americans and the world such as the fake Xinjiang force labor, COVID19 and etc.

3) US NGOs such as NED/CIA (National Endowment for Democracy) provide funding for regime change such as 1989 in China, 2019 in HK and currently in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.



1) 軍事 – 任何不使用美元進行貿易的國家,尤其是石油貿易都被摧毀,例如伊拉克和利比亞。

2) 受控媒體 – 80% 的英語媒體由美國及其附庸國控制。他們是美國政府的喉舌。他們的工作是給美國人和世界洗腦,例如假新疆勞改、新冠病毒等。

3) 美國民主基金會/美國中情局等美國非政府組織為政權更迭提供資金,例如1989年在中國, 2019年在香港以及目前泰國、柬埔寨和緬甸的政權更迭。

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