Video: sending 200 German tanks to Ukraine useless

Petr Bystron video: “sending 200 German tanks to support US proxy war against Russia useless when Russia has 10,000 and 2 from WWII are displayed in Berlin not far from our office” “派出 200 輛德國坦克支持美國對俄羅斯的代理人戰爭毫無用處,因為俄羅斯有 10,000 輛,而二戰時期的 2 輛坦克就在我們辦公室不遠處展示”

Petr Bystron is a German politician. He was a candidate for Munich North for the Bundestag during the German federal election in 2017 for the right-wing Alternative for Germany party. Bystron moved to Germany with his parents in 1987 from the former Czechoslovakia 他是德國政治家. 在 2017 年德國聯邦選舉期間,他是右翼德國另類選擇黨的慕尼黑北部聯邦議院候選人。 Bystron 於 1987 年隨父母從前捷克斯洛伐克移居德國

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