German girl happy to be in China

Nury Vittachi: Having your birthday during Chinese New Year is amazing, says Navina Heyden. It’s like the whole country is in celebratory mood. This young woman from Germany has been posting stories about her life in China (she lives in Qingdao and is learning Chinese). She was vilified by German media, but ordinary people from around the world have been supporting her. It’s great to see her smile again! Navina Heyden 說,在農曆新年過生日真是太棒了。整個國家都沉浸在慶祝的氣氛中。這位來自德國的年輕女士一直在發布她在中國生活的故事(她住在青島,正在學習中文)。她被德國媒體詆毀,但世界各地的普通民眾一直在支持她。很高興再次看到她的笑容!

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