German media demonized own citizens to win awards

German Navina Heyden video: US & German Gov’t/medias forbids & condemned their citizens to shared the truth and positive news about China. 美國和德國政府/媒體禁止並譴責他們的公民分享關於中國的真相和正面消息.

Just like in US, German media demonized their citizens for telling the truth about China, watch and it will shocked you as news outside US and Germany are censored. 德國公民視頻:就像在美國一樣,德國媒體妖魔化他們的公民,因為他們說出了有關中國的真相,請觀看,當美國和德國以外的新聞受到審查時,您會感到震驚.

In this video I describe you how German media got German Journalism Prize by writing an article to defame me, a normal German student. You are advised to go back to my petition video and website for checking the proofs. 在這個視頻中,我將向您介紹德國媒體如何通過撰寫文章來誹謗我這個普通的德國學生而獲得德國新聞獎。建議您返回我的請願視頻和網站查看證據.

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