Video: How CNN & BBC trick you about China

Australian Andy Boreham video: How CNN & BBC trick you about China: Selina Wang and her failed exposé 澳大利亞人視頻:CNN 和 BBC 如何在中國問題上欺騙你和她失敗的曝光

Two of the West’s most prolific anti-China propaganda outlets, CNN and BBC, sent journalists into China’s rural areas to uncover massive COVID deaths during the Chinese New Year holiday. What they did, instead, was uncover their own bad journalism.

China is fast recovering from three years of its strict COVID-Zero policy, but BBC and CNN aren’t interested in good news. Instead, they sent their China-based reporters to rural areas in the hope of finding suffering, death and misery. They both failed miserably.

This is Reports on China, I’m Andy Boreham

西方兩個最多產的反華宣傳媒體 CNN 和 BBC 派遣記者進入中國農村地區,以揭露農曆新年假期期間大量因 COVID 死亡的事件。相反,他們所做的是揭露他們自己的不良新聞。

中國正在從三年嚴格的 COVID-Zero 政策中快速恢復,但 BBC 和 CNN 對好消息不感興趣。相反,他們派駐中國的記者到農村地區,希望能找到苦難、死亡和苦難。他們都慘遭失敗。

這是關於中國的報導,我是 Andy Boreham

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