HK girls commit suicide in UK

Left good life in HK, moved to depressing UK, from the 1st world city (HK) to the 3rd world city (London) eventually took her own life. 離開香港的美好生活,搬到壓抑的英國,從第一世界城市(香港)到第三世界城市(倫敦),最終結束了自己的生命.

The tragic death of a 27-year-old Hong Kong master’s graduate that a coroner ruled was suicide shows the difficulties of moving to live in the United Kingdom.

Fion Ho Yee-king’s death came after seven months of hardship – and it is just the tip of the iceberg, says a migrant in London.

Youngsters and families with children moving to the UK – a popular migration destination where 76,000 Hongkongers have settled between July 2021 and June 2022 – often find themselves battling to make a living and adapting to the new culture, says marketing officer Lau, who moved to London with her boyfriend in December 2020.

Lau said many young migrants from Hong Kong have faced Ho’s difficulties. “It’s the tip of an iceberg,” she said.

“Some are even worse. They had an office job in Hong Kong but can only find jobs like being a waiter and sales here,” she said. “They can barely make ends meet.”

A UK coroner heard Ho committed suicide after seven months of hardship to sustain her life in the UK while paying 900 (HK$8,700) a month in rent for an unhygienic shared apartment.

Ho, who read Asian and international studies at the City University of Hong Kong before graduating in 2017 and going on to get a master’s in international affairs in Geneva in 2019, had worked for the Hong Kong Red Cross before she moved to the UK on her BNO visa last April.

She was found dead in her apartment in November.

A coroner’s court on Tuesday ruled Ho’s death as a suicide, citing her notes recording a difficult life living in a dirty shared flat in Richmond, southwest London, reported online media MyLondon.

Although Ho found a job at CAMFED, a London charitable organization that campaigns for female education, her salary was not enough to cover her rent and living costs, and she eventually suffered from hair loss and insomnia.

When she missed work as an officer at the charity and didn’t pick up phone calls, her brother Tommy Ho Yiu-hang asked one of her three other flatmates to check on her. They discovered Fion had taken her own life, and she was pronounced dead on November 3.

Tommy Ho said: “She mentioned to me on September 7, 2022, that since July she was worried about her income and was not able to sustain her life in the UK and felt depressed.”

He also discovered a note in his sister’s notebook listing the days she would limit her meals to save money.

“She was scared she would be laid off from work due to stress and face a loss of income due to her poor working performance. Due to insufficient income, I think she has begun to limit her meals per day,” he said.

The brother said Fion struggled to pay for her share of the unhygienic flat and felt depressed. She had booked a psychological counselling session for depressive symptoms, but committed suicide four days before the appointment.

Coroner Anton van Dellen said: “Fion was clearly a very highly intelligent and dedicated humanitarian worker. The world is a much sorrier place for not having her in organizations that help people in need.”

Speaking on a podcast yesterday, Simon Cheng Man-kit said his immigration aid organization Hongkongers in Britain would step up efforts to find cases like Ho’s and offer help.

“We will look at each case in detail and advocate for more flexible support from the UK government,” he said.

Of the tens of thousands of Hongkongers who migrated to the UK, many were fresh graduates, young couples in their twenties and middle-class families with children.

But high living costs and rents in the UK have put much pressure on immigrants, with some eventually returning to the city.

Marketing officer Lau said life in Britain is not as easy as they expected.

“Everything needed to be started over again, finding the right place to live and a suitable job with decent pay,” she said. “Not to mention we need to adapt to a new environment and culture.”

“The cost of living in London is much higher than in Hong Kong. We need to cut down on dining out every day,” she said. “It can be depressing sometimes, especially for people coming alone.”

Hongkongers in the UK are usually concentrated in enclaves with large Asian communities, which has driven up property prices, real-estate agencies say.

Parents are also struggling to enroll their children in private schools and have no choice but to opt for state schools.

18 responses to “HK girls commit suicide in UK”

  1. Promises of better pastures eleswhere than d good life that u r enjoying have lured many to disaster. Whilst it is not wrong to improve one’s standard of living to meet d costs, it is only greed that can really explain for one moving from one place to another particularly where d culture is very different n u r not them n against all odds!

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  2. He seems to contradict himself by saying that it is not wrong one’s standard of living …. Then he contradicts himself by saying, it is only greed that can really for one moving …..

    I believe many people leave Hong Kong is the uncertainties of the political future with China starting to exert more influence in contravention of the promise that Hong Kong would remain autonomous for 50 years.


      • You are very right. USA is the culprit. All the demonstration and anti government is perpetrated by USA. Just wonder why Taiwanese can’t see this coming. All is done with the intention to destabilise China. USA is so obsessed with China overtake them one day

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    • Don’t blame China. It was the US stirring up sh*t there to destabilise China. And some Hongkongers played into it. What’s wrong being with the mainland? Hongkongers fairly know that HK will be returned to China in 1997. And you, Hongkongers know that the West is not happy to return HK and still wanna get involved in it. If 99% Chinese supported their government, don’t you think you’ll also be living happily like them? You, Hongkongers are nothing special but ordinary chinese. For those buying into the British government’s promise of a good life in Britain, now you know. Too late to regret. You chose to trust a foreigner than your own kind.

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  3. This is what will happen when people turn against their motherland and look for a foreign oppressor to look after you. Will people never learn? Your motherland is there with you always even in times of hardship. Let those who want to move to so-called “greener” pastures (the U S, U K, Europe, etc), let them think twice. You will never be respected there and you will FOREVER BE A SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS of those countries.

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  4. The grass are always greener on the other side of the river,
    Until you experinced it may be too late.
    Be contented unless you had tried your very best with no improvement. Than worth consider to cross over.

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  5. There ia no place like home regardless How depressing it can Be in One ‘s Birth place. The pasture can never Be greener than home where the heart is. She reslise How UK can Be so depressing a little too late especially for foreigners.

    Let this be a lesson for Hong Kongers or anyone thinking that the side is much better because it truly isn’t.

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  6. There ia no place like home regardless How depressing it can Be in One ‘s Birth place. The pasture can never Be greener than home where the heart is. She reslise How UK can Be so depressing a little too late especially for foreigners.

    Let this be a lesson for Hong Kongers or anyone thinking that the side is much better because it truly isn’t.

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  7. It’s sad she trusted n believe her White master whole heartedly n despise her family n Motherland. Her life would have been a bed of roses in any Asian countries, much more in HK. Why she did not come back? Perhaps she think there is glory to sacrifice her life in England.

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  8. Just not risk aware geopolitically. Sold into the idea that communist China rule is going to oppressive for Hongkongers, herd mentality without proper evaluation of the destination country. Motivated by fear and made the wrong decision. So many fell into the trap. Maybe taken in by the lies of immigration agents. If a proper 360 evaluation was done, the choice would be clear. There are metrics out there available but decision driven by emotions and euphoria.

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  9. Nobody can or should make a judgement as to what motivated a person to commit suicide; it can be for any reason and not fair to her memory and/or dignity for one to inject their own perceived reason. Just IMHO,


  10. The shits stirrer US n her hypocrite allies the real murderer here. The paranoia about China’s rise caused these killers to resorts to all means to ruin China. All these branches brainwashed younger generations really thinking these nations that bombs n overthrow other legitimate governments are going to care for their freedom n human rights? Taiwan will suffer the same miserable fate if Tsai is dancing to the tunes played by these mass murderer nations

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  11. This is very sad and I am sure there are many out there quietly suffering the same. I think it is time to form a sort of NGO to help those who could not adapt to living in the UK for any reason and wish to return to Hong Kong to give them a pathway to do that. Hk Govt should take the lead to do just that, I hope!1

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