Anti-Chinese Texas Senate Bill

Hundreds of Chinese Americans protest in Dallas against ‘discriminatory’ Texas Senate bills

This anti-China legislation is a symptom, and these symptoms will continue to multiply as long as the root cause is not addressed: the US drive to war against China, itself based on the idea that the US will not tolerate a global challenge to its singular, unilateral hegemony.

The US-led RBIO does not tolerate equals, only subordinates. China’s failure to stay in its subaltern place is a “threat” to the US the way that a parasite sees the host’s attempt to free itself of the parasitic relationship as a threat, and the US will not hesitate to engage in kinetic war (“blunt China’s rise”), using its “allies” to put China back into its place (using a “strategy of binding”).

I invite people to think dialectically. in this critical, historical moment: ironically, the legislation may be doing the Chinese in Texas a favor. The last thing that any Chinese or Chinese-origin person should be thinking of is buying real estate in the US, given the risk of increased oppression, confiscation, and even detention.

This would be akin to the Chinese government buying more US treasuries or depositing its reserves into a US bank right now. The Chinese government, as any intelligent government should, learns from the mistakes of others (Russia).

Furthermore, the Texas legislature has set up the RE market for even more losses in a declining market. Just deserts. To take it further, people could boycott and even organize a mass sell-off.

In the meantime, note how far along we are in this process towards war with China.

First, the demonization, the infowar. We are years into this. I have been warning about this publicly since 2013.

Then the hybrid war: trade war, tech war, lawfare, academic warfare, diplomatic warfare

Now, the legal discrimination against all “enemies”, the potential bantustans.
We are inches away from kinetic war
Don’t think it’s not happening. We are already two thirds there.

I emphasize it’s important to challenge the root, not the symptoms.

When the demonization happened, some people said, we are Asians, not Chinese. Or we are Chinese Americans, not Chinese. Or Chinese, not CPC. No matter. You are all others, indistinguishable. You don’t save yourself by pointing at others, because all of us are targets.

They also said, “well, it’s legitimate to criticize China”. Here’s how to criticize China “constructively”.

This is like giving messages to a DV abuser on how to abuse a victim “without hurting them”.

Once you’ve stepped out of opposing the abuse itself to messaging about “how to abuse”, the only message the abuser hears is “it’s okay to abuse”.

It’s important not to get diverted with the particularities of whatever racist actions are happening right now.

It’s important to have strategy, not just tactics.

These actions are all tactics–and reactive tactics at that.

“Tactics without strategy”, as a Sun Tzu said, “is the noise before defeat’.

Move upstream.
Challenge this at the root.
Look clearly.

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