Overseas Chinese with a chivalrous heart

Video: Overseas Chinese returned to China are warriors in peace recognized by UN, mentally strong with a chivalrous heart. It is not like UK, US, Canada, EU… who use guns to kill consider strong. Strong my as_! 海歸中國人聯合國認可的和平年代的勇士 心理強大、有俠義心,擁有這種素質的人民的國家,才叫強 不是像英美法加歐等國拿著槍去殺人自以為強, 強個 #%*

Bravo!!! 为侠义心肠和行动榜样喝彩!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

He Jun (何军), an overseas Chinese returnee to his homeland, together with his friends started out as adhoc rescuers. They eventually organized and have participated in 17 domestic and international rescue missions so far whose efforts have been recognized by the UN as reported here by HK journalist Qu Ying Yan. They have been among the first to arrive into Turkey’s earthquake ravaged zone most recently.


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