China to set 10-15 years reunification plan for Taiwan Province

Larry Yu SF Singtao video: China to set 10-15 years reunification plan for Taiwan Province 美國三藩市余錦光星𡷊電視視頻: 中國將製定10-15年統一台灣省計劃

The 15 years reunification plan to be approved by National Congress of China. All countries with diplomatic relations with China will be notified. This is in addition to the recognition of the one China policy by UN.

The 15 years plan will allow those don’t want to be Chinese and don’t like to be part of China plenty time to leave including foreign capitals just like those in HK. US, UK, EU and the 5 eyes anti-China alliance (US Canada UK Australia New Zealand) could open the door for them especially those with money to live in the racist AngloSaxon countries and suffer.

The argument that US will accelerate weaponizing Taiwan like US is doing to Ukraine expected but need not worry. Taiwan is not Ukraine and only miles from Chinese mainland.

Why the 10-15 years plan?

The proxy war against Russia in Ukraine has weakened NATO, EU and US. The biggest damage is to EU being taken to the cleaner by the Americans everyday. They are waking up fast will not support US proxy war against China in Taiwan.

The One Belt One Road by land and by seas will be in place rendered US sea blockade against China ineffective with the backing of Russia, Iran and the Middle East nations, Global South and etc.

Today, US aircraft carriers task force is sitting duck within 2,000 miles of China coast. China weaponry is in par with US in every category today expect to overtake US by miles in the next 10-15 years.

Today, more than 169 nations or 7 billions of world population is in China’s camp. Only 1 billion population mainly from EU, US and the 5 eyes anti-China alliance, mostly AngloSaxon are backing the Americans. After the Russia-Ukraine war, most EU nations especially Germany and France will not want to remain a vassal state of US.


15年計劃將讓那些不想成為中國人、不想成為中國一部分的人有足夠的時間離開,包括像香港一樣的外國資本。美國、英國、歐盟和 5 眼聯盟反中集團 (美國 加拿大 澳洲 英國 紐西蘭) 可以為他們打開大門,尤其是那些有錢的人可以生活在種族主義盎格魯撒克遜(西人) 國家.


為什麼要製定 10-15 年計劃?

在烏克蘭針對俄羅斯的美國代理人戰爭削弱了北約、歐盟和美國。對歐盟最大的傷害是每天被美國搶劫,他們已經開始醒覺, 被強暴還要面帶笑容, 他們不會支持美國在台灣對中國發動代理人戰爭。


今天,美國航空母艦特艦隊在中國海岸 2000 英里範圍內將難逃被擊沉。今天,中國的武器裝備在各個方面都與美國相當,預計在未來 10 到 15 年內超過美國數英里。

今天,超過169個國家、70億世界人口站在中國陣營。只有 10 億人口,主要來自歐盟、美國和 5 眼聯盟反中集團,主要是盎格魯撒克遜人(西人) 支持美國。俄烏戰爭後,大多數歐盟國家,尤其是德國和法國,都不想繼續做美國的附庸國。

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