Copycats in America everyday

US committed crimes against humanity everyday around the world thought we are safe from enemies, but not enemies from within who are copycats practicing what we did to others onto ourselves. 美國每天都在世界各地犯下危害人類罪,認為我們可以免受敵人的傷害,但不能免受內部敵人的傷害,他們模仿我們對他人所做的事情,對自己進行模仿.

Another cowboy just got into action again.. 😬 另一個牛仔又開始行動了..😬

6 people shot, killed in series of shootings in Mississippi; suspect in custody 6人在密西西比州的一系列槍擊事件中被槍殺;嫌疑人在押

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