Texas anti-Chinese Campaign

Texas anti-Chinese Campaign – Just another campaigning tactic employed by Republican politicians to garner support from right-wing voters. There are 84 active hate groups in Texas. 這只是共和黨政客用來獲得右翼選民支持的另一種競選策略。得克薩斯州有 84 個活躍的仇恨團體.

Texas Republicans are capitalizing on financial support from those extremist groups. This is how the Republicans capture more campaign funding than the Democrats. 得克薩斯州共和黨人正在利用這些極端組織的財政支持。這就是共和黨比民主黨獲得更多競選資金的原因。

SF Superior Court Judges Lillian Sing & Julie Tang https://johnsonwkchoi.com/2023/02/17/texas-republicans-plan-to-make-life-miserable-for-asian-americans/

In 2021 US rank#1 in the world for new immigrants millionaires, in 2022 it dropped to #6. Asian millionaires EXCEPT for corrupt Gov’t officials and Chinese Chinese-haters (those regrets to be born to Chinese parents) still seek to come to US as their #1 choice. 2021 年百萬富翁選擇移居美國排名全球第一,到 2022 年跌至第六位。亞洲百萬富翁除了腐敗的政府官員和那些憎恨中國的中國人(那些後悔生於中國父母被迫成為中國人的人) 仍然尋求將美國作為他們的第一選擇.

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