Honest Brits tells Huawei has no backdoor

Video: Honest Brits tell the truth about Chinese firm Huawei 誠實的英國人說出關於中國公司華為的真相


A just-published headline in the UK Sunday Times associates Huawei with an admission by an ex-Huawei director that “everybody spies”, thus implying that the Chinese telecom firm WAS spying. But the actual interview with Sir Ken Olisa says the opposite. His words are worth considering–and give us hope. 英國《星期日泰晤士報》剛剛發布的一則標題將華為與一位前華為董事承認“每個人都從事間諜活動”聯繫起來,從而暗示這家中國電信公司正在從事間諜活動。但對肯·奧利薩爵士的實際採訪卻恰恰相反。他的話值得考慮 – 給我們希望.

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