US and Japan are of no match with China

US and Japan are of no match with China. 美國和日本不是中國的對手.

Just like China is the native country of sakura, any one attempted to compare China economy with Japan’s, failled to comprehend the holistic view of strategic deployment strength rooted in Chinese culture and blood, Japan may had copied and subsequently assimilated part of Chinese culture in every aspect, but lack of mental dimension to truly understand and thus rein in them with true potential, not to mention many those superficial westerners/think tanks… 就像中國是櫻花的故鄉一樣,任何人試圖拿中國經濟與日本經濟進行比較,都無法理解植根於中國文化和血脈的戰略部署實力的整體觀,日本可能在每一個領域都抄襲並吸收了部分中國文化。方面,但缺乏真正理解並以真正潛力控制它們的心理維度,更不用說許多那些膚淺的西方人/智庫…

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