US$1.3 million is a good deal

US$1.3 million is a good deal for science and technology executives obtaining immigration visa to HK including mainland China Chinese & Chinese-Americans for the following reasons: 130萬美元對於獲得香港移民簽證的科技高管來說是一筆不錯的交易,包括中國大陸華人和美籍華人,原因如下:

  1. permanent HK residents obtain visa free card to go to China without obtaining Chinese visa
  2. permanent HK residents allowed to carry multiple passports
  3. low 17% maximum tax rates
  4. science & technology developed in US & EU will be restricted to export to China, BRICS and most of the friends of China countries. In other words, 86% of the world markets will be restricted, unable to use your products & services
  5. HK Greater Bay Area expect to overtake SF Bay Area and Tokyo Bay Area next 5-7 years
  6. China, India, ASEAN and Global South expect to replace US & EU as world’s largest economic block within 10 years
  7. expect no racism, gun violence and limited illegal drugs in HK giving you a peace of mind raising your family
  8. HK is Asia Financial Center
  9. High Speed Train from HK could reach any cities in China in hours, to Pearl River Delta in minutes

My grandfather, father and I born and raised in HK. We lives it, sees it and experiences it. It is the best Asia World’s City.


  1. 香港永久性居民可攜帶多本護照
  2. 低至 17% 的最高稅率
  3. 美國和歐盟開發的科學技術將被限制出口到中國、金磚國家和大多數中國國家的朋友。換句話說,全球86%的市場將被限制,無法使用您的產品和服務
  4. 香港大灣區有望在未來5-7年超越舊金山灣區和東京灣區
  5. 中國、印度、東盟和全球南方有望在 10 年內取代美國和歐盟成為世界最大的經濟體
  6. 香港沒有種族主義、槍支暴力和極小非法毒品, 讓你的家人可以在香港安心成長
  7. 香港是亞洲金融中心
  8. 從香港出發的高鐵數小時可達中國任何城市,數分鐘可達珠江三角


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