Video: Anti-China scam syndicate wants your money & destroyed your life

Video: Anti-China scam syndicate in US & China demonize China wants your money and destroying your life lied about US, funded by dark immigration intermediary charted the path of death to US. Listen to the real sad story before leaving for US, you could be the next victim! 中美二地華人詐騙集團: 先唱衰中國 後把美國說到天上有地下無 鼓勵移民美國後就慘了! 移民美國前必須先看 否則你可能妻離子散 飲恨終身! 反华的尽头是移民黑中介,美國和中國綱紅让你恨中国但他們绝不移民美國. 听听中國綱紅袁次郎的前粉丝讲自己如何移民美国後的悲哀故事 為了移民美國連老婆也不要了 [看完視頻後你聽到那位三十歲的中國女子在來美國路上被強姦四次, 據說她認為如果是來美國的代價是值得的, 你同意嗎? According to the video, the 30 years old Chinese girl got raped 4 times on her way to America, she said if that is the price to pay to come to America is worth it, do you agreed?]

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