English video: U.S. KEEPS PUSHING FOR WAR WITH CHINA: The US media circus above the South China Sea 美國繼續推動與中國戰爭: 南海上空的美國媒體馬戲團


Amid Beijing’s calls for peace and stability in the region, and asking Washington to stop its aggressive, bullying behaviour, the US military continues to provoke China by flying aircraft inside the South China Sea with mainstream media like CNN and NBC onboard, at one point taking their jet down to just 300 meters above sea-level and making a beeline for a Chinese navy vessel.

How ordinary Americans think this US aggression on the other side of the world is okay is beyond me. Today we’ll discuss.

This is Reports on China, I’m Andy Boreham in Shanghai.

在北京呼籲該地區和平與穩定並要求華盛頓停止其侵略和霸凌行為的背景下,美國軍方繼續通過在南中國海飛行飛機來挑釁中國,包括 CNN 和 NBC 等主流媒體,一度採取他們的飛機下降到海拔僅 300 米,直奔中國海軍艦艇。


這裡是中國報導,我是上海的 Andy Boreham

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