Attorney Edward Liu from San Francisco

Singtao Newspaper San Francisco Feb 27 2023 article about my good friend Attorney Edward Liu 美國三藩市星𡷊日報2023 年 2 月 27 日關於我的好朋友劉文貽律師的文章

Message from Audrey, wife of Edward Liu: 我以為Eddie的情況會慢慢好轉的,萬萬想不到他離開得如此倉促和突然。Edward突然的辭世對我和女兒是莫大的打擊和傷心。但願上天賜我力量支撐下去。非常感謝您們的問候!您們的關心問候使我心靈得安慰,感謝萬分! 請代我感謝各位朋友的問候! (The following use Google Translate) I thought Eddie’s situation would gradually improve, but I never expected him to leave so hastily and suddenly. The sudden death of Edward was a great shock and heartbreak to my daughter and me. May God give me the strength to carry on. Thank you very much for your greetings! Your concern and greetings comfort my soul, thank you very much! Please thank all friends for your greetings on my behalf!

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