Biden Presidential Executive Order

Biden reintroduced 1882 Chinese Exclusion Acts through Presidential Exclusive Order – Anything associated with Chinese is bad! Chinese must go! 拜登通過總統行政令重新引入1882年排華法案 – 凡是與華人有關的東西都是壞的! 中國人必走, 滾蛋!

Can you imagine the insanity of our government? And is there any hope there will be peace? And what is the price to destroy China? 

The following is an excerpt from the Quincey Institute publications:

There are three hearings on Capitol Hill today, including the markup of a terrible bill by the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman on TikTok that would seemingly

1) ban all transactions with anyone that the Treasury determines knowingly provides sensitive personal information of a US citizen to a Chinese owned/controlled entity or any entity operating under the jurisdiction of China. Technically this means that if you were processing payroll records or health insurance records for a Chinese-owned corporation operating in the US your bank accounts and credit cards would be frozen. Similarly if you were using Chinese owned networked software to process any employee financial information or for communications purposes. The scope of this is dependent on various legal definitions of foreign vs US person, “knowingly”, etc. but it’s potentially quite dramatic.

2) impose the full scope of US sanctions on any foreign person anywhere in the world who uses/operates or sells/deals in any networked software application owned or even ‘influenced’ by China and that is used for any of a long list of nefarious Chinese purposes, including anything to do with their military, surveillance, or targeting audiences for “information campaigns”. Further, any foreign person who attempts to “steer” US policy or regulatory decisions in a direction beneficial to China would also be sanctioned. Any US person knowingly facilitating or assisting any of the above listed activities would also be sanctioned. The full scope of sanctions implies that bank accounts / assets / credits connected to the US financial system would be frozen.

We can’t see this becoming law as written, but it highlights the craziness of current China discourse in DC.  The Ranking Democrat on the Committee (Rep. Meeks) will oppose the bill. 

On top of this rapidly worsening economic decoupling, the machinery at the Pentagon has cranked up and substantial parts of the security bureaucracy seem to believe increasingly that actual war is inevitable – as indicated by the Minihan memo and the interservice competition for resources. We don’t think the White House wants war, but it is extremely difficult to move the entire national security establishment.

Professor Ling-chi Wang of US Berkeley: What can I say? We now have a 流氓政府 in all three branches of our government! I am glad the Xi Jinping government in Beijing is vigorously resisting the US attempt to impose our form of government on China and other countries and rejecting the so-called values of the Western civilization on the Chinese.

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