China Heads to Russia With A Call For Peace: Releases GSI – Global Security Initiative

China Heads to Russia With A Call For Peace: Releases GSI – Global Security Initiative 中國前往俄羅斯呼籲和平:發布 – 全球安全倡議 by MARIO CAVOLO Feb 28 2023

Hey friends, wow, it was so nice to finally travel out. I hopped the terrific 3 hour fast train to Beijing at the same time mother nature brought the end of our below zero winter season, greeting us recently with 8-12 degree temps…lovely!!

Onward to our topic of the post…China’s recently released Global Security Initiative

The country that has not started a war or attacked any other country in close to half a century put forth a peace plan last week…

Well, of course, that’s what a peaceful country would do, no?

And the parties involved, the US, European countries, NATO, they all poopoo it and reject it. Surprise.

I guess those are the ones that want war, that genuinely prefer it? We noticed. Hell, they’re not making any effort whatsoeve to end the war, to announce that as far as they are concerned it is urgent to engage in diplomacy to make peace…no they seem to not even be making such pronouncements…they seem to be beefing up their Taiwan related plans well…should I type the words “warmongering f*ckwits?” and not delete it? Ok then.

I love living in one of the safest, lowest crime countries in the world and that same country just offered the world a well thought out 12 point peace plan. Well, I suspect they did so knowing damn well that the warmongering players were in no way, shape or form going to say “Hey, we love this!”

So, shouldn’t we do the right thing, anyway? Shouldn’t we act in peace (we do) and put forth a peace plan? Good question, no?

No matter who you ask and no matter which statistics on violence, crime and war you focus on, China comes out on the list of the top safest, lowest crime countries in the world and China wants peace for the world. Yet, there’s more to this story, because it speaks to the much broader values of a civilization, its people and their values, and its government.

“China has always been committed to promoting peace and dialogue. The paper demonstrates China’s sense of responsibility for safeguarding world peace and firm resolve to defend global security…” Qin Gang, China Foreign Minister

Besides providing its citizens with an environment, with a society as an incredibly safe, low crime place to enjoy our daily lives, China’s government is a government committed to that same peace and non-violence outside its own borders, for world peace, in word and in action. This has been their consistent position for over four decades. Is this splashed across the headlines as something to admire in western media? One would think so, but of course, its not.

While anti-China western pundits insist and build up their narrative projection that China is “a threat”, they continue their own endless wars while for almost half a century, China has started no war, has attacked no other country, has not fired a gun nor weapon on any other soil on this planet. Small occasional border skirmishes with India aren’t war.

For over four decades China’s government and actions on the world stage are 100% peaceful. If you would like to point to military exercises around Taiwan, I remind you those exercises are 100% for defense of its sovereignty, not offense, against separatist attempts to create Taiwan independence. If you wish to point to China as violent because there is a genocide of Uyghurs, I tell you clearly you are only believing western political propaganda lies. The lives of Xinjiang’s 12 million Uyghurs has never been better and that’s thanks to the Chinese government’s policies, not in spite of them.

So it is no coincidence; that we have a country, a civilization of 1.4 billion people that is one of the safest, lowest crime countries in which to live and that the same country’s government is also clearly committed to peace on planet earth, that all countries should be allowed to develop in peace, without threat of violence and war.

That same country has insisted on remaining uninvolved in the agenda of the western warmongers, most recently the Ukraine war. The west turns around and makes false accusations that China is “considering supplying Russia with weapons”. Hey man, the moment I heard that last week, I knew it was BS. And of course a few days later, they admit, “we don’t have any evidence China is going to do that.” Nothing new…

China has always said one thing about the current Ukraine war, to end it immediately and to end it through diplomacy, refusing to get involved. From day one, China told Putin and all opposition parties to figure out how to stop what they were doing. But we know, the MIC, military industrial complex of the United States actually want war. Along with NATO, they created, allowed and continue to encourage the circumstances of war, with total disregard for the death of innocent Ukraine families and the utter destruction of their lives and homes that goes along with it. The war-loving hawks and their profiteering defense contractors have continued to fan the flames and escalate the tensions.

Now at the one year anniversary of the start of the Ukraine war, China once again is stepping up in its commitment to peace, with Wang Yi heading to Russia unveiling its new paper on peace. Wang Dong, professor at Peking University said, “China’s position is always clear as it always stands on the side of peace, de-escalation and advancing peace talks.”

“The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper” was released on Tuesday at a Lanting Forum event hosted by the Foreign Ministry in Beijing. The initiative was proposed by President Xi Jinping in April last year. Currently, over 80 countries and regional organizations have endorsed or supported the initiative, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.” China Daily


China continues setting the greatest example for “power with peace” in this century, a country that has risen up to the level of world superpower in peace. Let’s stop the warmongering and follow the many proper, diplomatic initiatives proposed and needed more than ever in its Global Security Initiative, a timely, necessary and targeted blueprint” for peace.

That’s all for now, Mario

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