US debts hit 31 trillions

Video: US$ = IOU cost 10 cents to print a US$100 bills, cost $1.9 to print 19 = US$1,900 to buy 1oz of Gold, what a steal literally! 美元=非抵押債務 祇需花費10美分可印製100 美元的鈔票,1.9 美元印製19張=1,900美元可購買 1 盎司黃金,簡直是在偷東西!

Explosion! US debt topped 31 trillion! 7 countries just announced they are paying less in dollars!

In summary:The US debt has always been a big seller around the world, and almost all countries hold US debt, but the US, as the creator of the US debt, has always thought that all countries in the world are fools! Yet it is this belief that has plunged the United States into a huge financial crisis! What is this all about?

爆炸!美債破31萬億! 7 個國家剛剛宣布減少美元支付!


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