US investment risks

US Investments: Chinese (*U.S. citizens or green card holders) buying U.S. real estate has political risks. Non*people add tax risks. If the above people have any business dealings with China, Hong Kong or Macau, the risk is greater. If China and the US go to War, any of the above people may be ransacked by the US Gov’t and lost everything, ask Japanese Americans during WWII, no one laughing! Don’t believe it, it is your money, not mine’s. 中國人(美國公民或綠卡持有人)買美國不動產例如房產有政治風險. 非更有税務風險, 以上的人如果和中國,香港或澳門有任何業務往來風險更大, 若中美發生戰爭, 以上的任何人都有可能被美國政府抄家, 一無所有! 你可以問問日本人美國人在二戰時美國政府對他們抄家一無所有. 你可以不信, 到時候後悔已晩! 是你的錢, 不是我的.

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