There is absolutely no going back

Video: Taiwan Diplomat – US is not a civilized nation like China, use brut force prey on weaker nations, Sun Yat-sin told China long ago! Xi Jinping came out attacking US so did Qin Qiong. If US want play hard ball, China is ready. There is absolutely no going back between US & China! 台灣外交官:美國不是中國這樣的文明國家. 美國對弱國動武,孫中山早就告訴中國了!習硬話嗆拜登, 習近平也正面攻擊美國,秦瓊也是. 如果美國想打硬仗,中國準備好了, 放馬過來吧! 中美永遠也再回不了頭!

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