Is China Really Committed To Peace as The World’s Next SuperPower?

Is China Really Committed To Peace as The World’s Next SuperPower? By MARIO CAVOLO Mar 15 2023

Is China Really Committed To Peace as The World’s Next SuperPower?

The best way to answer this question is to notice what China hasn’t done rather than what China has done and especially over what period of time. On this question of the period of time, I have always felt that it is quite pointless to note examples of the horrible things which the previous governments of countries have done a long time ago. Such history has little bearing on who the current government is. Its important to learn from history but if you want to convince me that X country is evil today, its not helpful at all to point out some nasty history that happened during a previous government or state of affairs in that country.

When I evaluate whether there is something about a country to criticize or be dissatisfied with in some way, we should all be primarily concerned on the present time, the present generation.

The last time China offensively decided to attack any other country was the Sino-Vietnam war in 1979.

The last time Russia’s Putin attacked anyone? The United States? Today. Nothing would please me more than to tell you that the United States hasn’t attacked or started or provoked a war in over four decades, but I can’t. Putin as well, he sent in troops with some justification in his own mind, to take territory, to kill people. The historical record is clear, the daily news is clear, the pronouncements of govt agencies are clear. The U.S. govt no matter who is in office, seems in fact to somehow love and thrive on war, jumping from country to country in endless wars, covert operations, regime changes, sanctions; its an endless wake of misery & death and this fact is increasingly disgusting to sane people across the world like you and me.

The Sino-Vietnamese conflict ended after one month with China unilaterally ceasing fire on March 16th, 1979. Since that time, the two parties have been engaged on and off in smaller border clashes and as you may know, there have been some occasional small border clashes along the China-India border as well.

Besides these small border clashes, since 1979, who has China offensively attacked?

No one.

How many bombs has China dropped on any other country?


The problem with this is that in comparison to the degree of wars and death engaged by the U.S. and U.S. led NATO, its enormously embarassing. So this creates a situation where as a matter of foreign policy, as a matter of saving face, they have to engage in projecting a false negative narrative against China. They make a list of every action China takes such as expanding its own military, and tell that story to the public in most twisted, distorted way possible to paint China as the evil bad guy.

We, the ones doing all the killing across the world in the name of freedom, democracy & human rights, are the good guys. China, the one who hasn’t attacked, bombed or killed anyone in over four decades is the bad guy. Got it?

Folks, the country that hasn’t attacked any other country in over four decades, the country that has insisted on remaining neutral during the Ukraine-Russia conflict and whose leader is now scheduled to go meet with both Zelensky and Putin in an attempt to create peace through diplomacy; the country who just acted as the broker and mediator of a historic peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, is not the problem.

The warmongers doing all the killing, responsible for creating the circumstances that create, allow, provoke & encourage endless wars again and again, they are the problem. They are the singular threat to our existence. Popular Youtube host Jimmy Dore recently went on Fox News with Tucker Carlson and blatantly stated that the United States is the biggest worst terrorist organization. But what has Jimmy’s precious free speech to say that, anyone’s precious free speech to say that, helped to stop it? Nothing. They give you the precious freedom to complain but they just keep on killing. Its not a democracy, its a broken democracy. Its not capitalism, its mutant capitalism. Its a plutocracy and the Military Industrial Complex is running the show, no matter your freedom to express your opinion or your vote. These monsters are the reason we are all to some degree in a state of worry & distress every single day. Not China.

To the degree that U.S. military and intelligence efforts help make the world a safer, better place for all of us…Bravo. I fully support every legitimate military effort to protect the good people of the world and our precious rights in this life. I fully support the need for those efforts and commitments because there are bad guys out there who truly need to be stopped. Unfortunately, what’s been happening across the world kicked off by the Korean War at the hands of the US, its intelligence agencies, the CIA, what is now known as the Military Industrial Complex, is far beyond that noble cause. They are in many ways, the bad guys and this is beyond obvious, with mountains of evidently observable facts in the historical record beyond dispute. Its sad, its frightening, its a disgrace to humanity.

Since the 1970’s, almost half a century to now, China has done something so unprecedented, so embarassing to the United States that their response is increasingly irrational and extreme to push the false demonization of China further and further.

What did China do? China has become what is now the largest, safe, stable, successful, capable, civil and peaceful country on the planet. China has accomplished its rise to the world’s next superpower 100% in peace. China’s modern day rise in peace began in the mid ‘80s under Deng Xiaoping and has continued ever since. Most recently, in response to the realities facing us in today’s world here and now, they are stepping up as a peacemaker, further cementing who they really are, showing the world it is very serious about this commitment and the set of values which revolves around the principle of peace.

The world, the global economy we live in across all the continents is in increasingly desperate need to develop, to raise up the lives of billions of people from poverty into lives of decent comfort and rights. The countries of the world can only do that in peace through mutual cooperation, bilateral ties and various agreements such as RCEP, ASEAN, the GDI and GSI and the United Nations.

It could not be clearer that this is where China stands, in peace, as the newest superpower of the world. Let me be crystal clear, in terms of its influence, ties and impact on the entire global economy; There is no reversing China’s position and influence in today’s world. And so we can breath a sigh of relief that as China’s influence continues to rise, millions of innocent people in countries across the world will be safe from the misery & death of war as a means used by other countries to gain power & control.

Thank you China.

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