Biden shifted blame like Cao Cao

Three Kingdoms period, before a major battle, Cao Cao ran short of food, so he order to arrest the general. Before the execution, the general begged it was not my fault. Cao Cao said I know but I must killed you so my army blamed you not me. Biden is using the same tactics to shift blames on the banking crisis. By Johnson Choi 3-18-23 三國時期,一場大戰前,曹操缺糧,下令逮捕將軍。行刑前,將軍懇求這不是我的錯。曹操說我知道,但我必須殺了你,所以我的軍隊責怪你而不是我。拜登正在使用同樣的策略將責任轉移到銀行業危機上.

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