Chinese-Americans in US internment camps expected

Internment camps for Japanese Americans during WWII, same could be expected for Chinese-Americans if war between US-China 第二次世界大戰期間日裔美國人的拘留營,如果美中之間發生戰爭,美國華人也可以預期獲得同樣對待

The U.S. – China Relations: 80-20 Initiative is NOT into the U.S.- China relations. For cost-effective-ness reasons, 80-20 chooses to protect your rights in domestic issues only, but, in a fearless manner.

However, when the tension between the U.S. and China is so high, even our goal to protect your rights in domestic issues only faces a terrifying question resulting from the tension: Will Chinese Americans face internment?

Here is 80-20’s best guesstimate. Even assuming a direct conflict between the U.S. and China, the internment of Chinese Americans will be unlikely for 2 reasons:

First, our government might have finally learnt from its shameful deeds of interning Japanese Americans during WWII, although, personally, I don’t think our government learns much from its past mistakes. For example, we started wars in Vietnam and Iraq to our detriment. Has our government learned from those mistakes to avoid wars? The U.S. has fought 13 wars since 1990. It is almost one every 2 years. Don’t believe it? Click here to verify

Fortunately, there is a second reason – a huge logistic barrier against interning Chinese Americans. Interning 125,285 Japanese Americans is one thing. Interning 5 million Chinese Americans is an incredibly difficult logistic task. The task will be 40 times more severe, using a linear projection. Given the very high concentration of Chinese Americans in higher education and high tech, the cost of the economic damage that would result from interning Chinese Americans could be astronomical.

Is 80-20 saying that internment of Chinese Americans can’t happen? No! Our government could adopt selective internment – not interning those who are needed for the war effort, as our government has already practiced during WWII.

Please note that all Japanese Americans on the mainland were interned, but not those in Hawaii for fear of collapsing Hawaii’s economy. Don’t believe it? Click here and go to a sub-section entitled “non-military advocates who opposed …”.

All governments become the most shameless and unprincipled orgs., when fighting a war! Therefore, while there is still time, all of us, be us Chinese Americans or non-Chinese American, must make our MAXIMUM EFFORT to

(1) stop the ever-increasing tension between the U.S. and China at which many of our politicians seem to aim, and

(2) forge UNITY within the Chinese American community which we’ll need protect ourselves

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