CBS 60 minutes War propaganda video

CBS 60 minutes War propaganda video: Is the Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China 美國政府喉舌新聞網CBS 60 分鐘戰爭宣傳視頻:海軍準備好了嗎?美國如何在中國海軍建設中做好準備

Less than one minute into the program, the show already has two factual errors:

CBS claims China has largest navy in the world and threatened to use it to invade Taiwan.

1st, China has never threatened to invade Taiwan. (Taiwan province is officially recognized as part of China by the UN, by the US, and by the Taiwanese constitution itself).

2nd, “largest navy” is a deliberate misrepresentation based on counting China’s light coastal vessels, which count for little in a military conflict.

The US actually has about 2.5-3.5x more total tonnage in vessels than China.
It has many more larger ships (11+2 ACC) and far more blue water ships.

If you go just by total vessels, which CBS is doing here for the purposes of threat inflation, then the US navy is behind North Korea’s, which has about 20% more vessels. This is absurd. It’s like saying that because I have three tricycles and a skateboard, I have more transportation capacity than my neighbor with their 18 wheel diesel truck.

Plus, in a war, the US is counting on Japanese, ROC, Korean, Australian, NATO vessels. SK’s navy is the US’s to use at will in war, and Japan will do US bidding. Aukus ensures the same.

What the US refers to as “deterrence” is actually provocation.

CBS is shilling for war. Be very skeptical about MSM claims.

KJ Noh debunk these claims in these two recent interviews:

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