TikTok Hearings Farce

My Silence Was Heard…WSJ, Surprises…TikTok Hearings Farce by MARIO CAVOLO Mar 24 2023

Hi Friends, On Twitter and in other social media, I have had a very interesting and satisfying experience this week.

I sent out a tweet with a twist where I said we need to discuss all the countries that China had attacked, bombed, started war with over the past four decades and then silently walked along until the end of the one minute video tweet and said “That’s it. Have a great day.” Its gratifying people got the message I used the silence as a way to illustrate China’s peaceful rise and it caught fire a bit on a Twitter.

The tweet is now over 2000 likes, 700 retweets and 150,000 views. Relative to my account the tweet went viral because as you may know I don’t have a massive following as a voice. My Twitter acct gains a few each day and will finally hit 10,000 followers within a few more days. That’s tiny compared to much larger accounts.

China Daily picked it up and posted it yesterday on their acct on the Kuaishou app here in China with Chinese subtitles and text all over it, that was cool.

The point is clear. China is clearly committed to rising, developing, expanding in peace while the U.S. has war, regime changes, covert operations, as primary pieces on its chessboard every since WWII. Its really a contrast becoming increasingly stark each day. Here is the link to the original tweet.

Related, I was very impressed with a pivotal piece on China in the Wall Street Journal by Jonathan Cheng. China Is Starting To Act Like a Global Power This article presented China today properly, was very well written and worth reading, skipping the common political propaganda.

Xi’s efforts to broker a historic Saudi Iran deal and visit to Putin to push for peace through negotiations and diplomacy are what world leaders are supposed to be doing, not promoting war & death. Duh. I would be thrilled if this WSJ article marked a more permanent change in tone in Sino U.S. relations. Soon, I will be doing a livestream video reading and discussing through the article.

Last item…the TikTok hearings are as expected, a McCarthyist farce. Everyone knows that every social media platform in the U.S. follows the same set of TOS that TikTok has…the hearing is high on rhetoric and devoid of any substantial evidence against TikTok…but we’ve known all this from the beginning, just more political circus. Just don’t forget they did the same thing to Huawei, making false accusations with zero evidence when the truth is that the reason they were pissed at Huawei is because refused to agree to allow backdoors to be installed into their software/hardware for the NSA to access, which the United States requires of all its tech companies. The opposite of what they say is the actual truth… Here’s a quick clip of CEO Shou Zi Chew explaining the kid’s related policies.

Its amazing to me how the govt tries to shift the blame a software for the content the govt allows. They really think people are that stupid….

That’s all for now friends, Best, Mario

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