Majority of Singaporean do not adopt a English name

Big differences between Chinese in Singapore verses Chinese in HK, Macau, Taiwan including first generation immigrants to AngloSaxon worlds like US, Canada, EU, Australia and etc!

Singaporean NEVER adopted a Christian name. They continue to use their Chinese name like the CEO of TitTok, continue using ONLY his Chinese name even obtaining his US citizenship like almost all of my Singaporean friends and clients. It is because they are proud of their CHINESE heritage.

DON’T forget it. They put many of us including me to shame!


新加坡人從不使用英文名字, 他們繼續使用他們的中文名字,就像 TitTok 的首席執行官,繼續只使用他的中文名字,甚至像我幾乎所有的新加坡朋友和客戶一樣獲得美國公民身份後繼續使用他們的中文名字, 這是因為他們為自己的中國傳統感到自豪。


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