Facebook vs. TikTok…This Ain’t Pretty

Facebook vs. TikTok…This Ain’t Pretty, Folks Facebook vs. TikTok …… 朋友們, 這並不漂亮 by MARIO CAVOLO MAR 29 2023

Here is a list of truly egregious violations against America and even Europe, committed by TikTok…It took me over six months of intense, stressful research digging in areas that were secret, protected by the govt and classified to find this ongoing nightmare which myself and my team have uncovered. I’m worthy of a Pulitzer in journalism for what it is about to be revealed to you and more than anything I want to thank my private investigative team of over two dozen located in over a dozen countries, who at times seemed to be risking their lives to uncover the egregious violations that people in power were attempting to hide all along. No wonder Congress is pissed at TikTok. They really should be.

Let’s begin.

This company which truly changed the world of social media has not just violated laws, it has REPEATEDLY violated laws. It has REPEATEDLY BEEN FINED $100s of million of $$$.

Fined over $100 million by the European Commission in 2014

Fined again in 2022 by the EU commission, over $275 million this time for leaking over 530 million user’s data. “Ireland’s Data Protection Commission imposed two fines totaling 390 million euros ($414 million) in its decision in two cases that could shake up its business model of targeting users”

“The company….reported two straight quarters of declining revenue as advertising sales dropped because of competition from ———(other social media cos) , that’s “BECAUSE OF COMPETITION FROM “other social media cos”

In 2018, investigations confirmed the company gave data access to Chinese companies flagged by U.S. intelligence – who are all suspect of being national security threats… And get this, except for Huawei, those data sharing agreements are still happening today, with those three other top Chinese brand companies. Obviously, the egregious sharing of data with these Chinese companies is not tolerable.

…The company has allowed over a dozen people livestream horrific acts happening to them, this is far worse than “holding your breath” challenges which are also dangerous

…TikTok allowed terrorists to continue using their profile pages to organize terrorist acts attacking America and when the US govt State Department investigating the terrorist acts killing over 200 American citizens on American soil, then asked TikTok to cooperate with authorities, TikTok refused and that’s why they’re banned. Again, its really understandable Congress was so agressive grilling CEO Shou Chew during the hearing.

The company has also been caught sharing your personal data with over 150 companies and a really big Cambridge Analytica scandal…

I asked ChatGPT to list a record of their violations. Here is the complete formal list of six instances TikTok was investigated, caught and fined including as recently as 2023

OOPS…my sarcastic fun has come to an end. TikTok has done NONE OF THE ABOVE THINGS. Facebook did.

From 2005 to 2023, Facebook has faced a number of fines and bans for privacy and data violations. Here are the details of some of the major incidents:

In 2011, Facebook was fined $20 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for deceiving users about the privacy of their personal information. The FTC found that Facebook had made false promises to its users about the level of privacy and control they had over their information. Facebook was also accused of sharing user data with third-party advertisers without proper consent. As part of the settlement with the FTC, Facebook was required to improve its privacy practices and undergo regular audits to ensure compliance.

In 2012, Facebook was found to be in violation of European Union data protection laws. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) conducted an investigation into Facebook’s privacy practices and found that the company had failed to provide users with adequate control over their personal data. The DPC also found that Facebook had retained user data beyond the period for which it was needed. Facebook was given a deadline to comply with the EU data protection regulations and was required to submit to regular audits.

In 2018, Facebook was fined $5 billion by the FTC for failing to protect user data and for allowing Cambridge Analytica to access user data without their consent. The Cambridge Analytica scandal involved the unauthorized collection and use of data from millions of Facebook users, which was then used to influence the 2016 US presidential election. The FTC found that Facebook had failed to adequately protect user data and had misled users about the extent to which their data was being shared with third parties. As part of the settlement, Facebook was required to implement new privacy and data protection measures and submit to regular independent audits.

In 2009, Facebook was banned in China for allowing terrorist groups to have profile pages on its platform. Chinese authorities accused Facebook of allowing content related to terrorist activities in the country to be posted on its platform, which they argued posed a threat to national security. As a result, the Chinese government blocked access to Facebook within the country, making it inaccessible to Chinese users. Facebook has since been unable to operate in China, where the government has strict control over online content and social media platforms. Despite several attempts to enter the Chinese market, Facebook remains banned in China to this day.
In 2019, Facebook was fined £500,000 by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The fine was levied for two breaches of data protection laws related to the unauthorized sharing of user data with third-party developers and for failing to take adequate measures to protect user data. While the fine was the maximum amount allowable under UK law at the time, it was widely criticized as being too lenient given the scale of the data breach.

In 2020, Facebook was fined €7 million by the German Federal Cartel Office for collecting data on users without their consent. The fine was related to Facebook’s practice of requiring users to allow the company to collect data on them from other websites and services in order to use the platform. The German authorities found that this practice violated antitrust laws and unfairly exploited Facebook’s dominant market position. Facebook was required to change its data collection practices in order to comply with the ruling.

The problem with social media in the United States is the fault of no one except the lawmaking leaders of the United States. This shit, the poison you find there, harming society, harming families, harming children, does NOT exist in China because the Chinese government doesn’t allow it. They have sensible laws that protect the society, protect families and children from poisonous, unhealthy content. When your country anywhere on planet earth has a problem, blame your politicians, blame your government leaders. Its their job to do their job and the society and people suffer when they don’t.

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