Video: People born in HK, Macau & China declared ‘adversaries’ of US

Video: US passed new law to suspend freedom of speech. People born in HK, Macau & China declared ‘adversaries’ of US in Restrict Act (enemies of US) 美國通過新法禁止言論自由。在香港、澳門和中國出生的華人在限制法案中宣布美國的“對手”(美國的敵人)

This time the United States is here for real, and the law has been passed, which is stricter and worse than the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Now China and the United States have not yet fought a war! If it happens, all Chinese owned properties in the United States, including money deposit, houses and businesses will be confiscated. At that time, we can play mahjong every day in the concentration camp. This is not a time for jokes? If everyone does not have Plan B, then everyone can only ask for luck. When you are in the concentration camp, just remembered what I told you on 3-30-23. Although we are old friends, I can guarantee that most of you will not believe it today…wishing you a lot of luck. I will try my best not to see you in the American concentration camp !
這次美國是來眞的, 法例已經通過, 比1882年排華法案更嚴更壞. 現在中美還未開戰, 如果中美開戰, 我們一定全部進入集中營和二戰時美藉日本人一樣, 到時我們在美國的全部財產包括存款 房子和生意將全部被沒收, 到時我們可以在集中營天天打麻將了. 這並不是開玩笑的時間, 如果大家沒有 Plan B 到時大家祇可以自求多福了, 到時在集中營如果還記得我在 3-30-23 告訢你們這番話. 我們雖然是老朋友但我可以保證你們今天是不會相信的, 我將盡最大的努力不在美國集中營見到你們!

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