Why People in Societies Behave The Way The Do

Why People in Societies Behave The Way The Do…? Whose Fault Is It When They Suffer? By MARIO CAVOLO MAR 29 2023

I woke up thinking…when people in a society are required to behave themselves, they actually do

The same as US society & it’s laws used to require civility & decency, China still does insist upon civility & decency as a major feature of society and community here…

Thus, here in China, there are particular restrictions on your behavior which ensure you, grandma & the kiddies all live in a safe, stable community…

In daily life here in China, you are as free as anyone in other supposedly free countries to do and pursue anything you like…

…life, liberty, family, career, entrepreneurship, the pursuit of your happiness as you imagine you’d like it to be…

On the other hand, this society and its rules does expect you to behave. I love suggesting the best example is Catholic perochial school. You can’t stand in the street holding a sign that says “F*ck Xi Jinping” or signs stating bold faced lies about the country you live in…

Why? And that takes us back to the first point…because it disturbs the peace in the community, the peace, civility & safety you, grandma & the kiddies need & want to live in. And that’s not allowed. By the way, in China you can drink while out on the street, there’s no law against it and nobody cares if you do. This is nice because often restaurants will set up informal little tables ‘n stools on the street. However, you don’t ever find individual people walking around by themselves with a bottle of booze in their hand.

I’ve lived like a local here in China for 24 years and I’ve never met a Chinese citizen who couldn’t do as I described, enjoy and pursue a better life for themselves.

Now let’s be extra honest here, I think if any govt does a bad job the citizens suffer in various ways and there is really not that much they can do about it. For example, in the U.S., the govt touts precious “free speech”, right? And people buy this nonsense.

Let’s look at the results. For over 70 years people have been screaming in public at the top of their lungs what the govt is doing wrong, writing books they are allowed to publish, shooting documentaries you can watch. Very visible, high profile, famous, respected voices have said all there is to say. For example, you can watch Oliver Stone’s documentary on Ukraine. You can listen to Jeffrey Sachs and former Singaporean Prime Minister George Yao and Uk legend George Galloway all tell you the bold, courageous truth. Yet it all adds up to nothing. The outrageous actions of the government continues.

Think about it. What’s been the result? Has it mattered at all? Nope. The U.S. govt has continued causing the society to decline, favoring the billionaires, continued with its arbitrary unilateral inhumane warmongering killing millions across the world, completely ignoring all your precious free speech, literally a waste of your effort. And they know this. They mock you. They don’t care. They do what they want. They are in charge. You get that, right?

In contrast, it so happens these 20+ years the Chinese govt has been doing a terrific job running it’s country. Life for the people and society has never been better and this trend continues. The government exists to govern for the society and people. When the people start speaking up more than usual, the government notices and responds. Isn’t that the hell the way its supposed to be? Yes, for certain and living here for so long, I can see it happening and I appreciate it.

But if the govt started doing a horrible job, it would be the same story, wouldn’t it? The people would scream and yell with their complaints as they do now all over the U.S. but if the govt ignored them and suppressed them, the people would suffer, the govt would, for the most part, get away with it. Makes no difference whatsoever to talk about political ideology or political parties or left/right…makes no difference which govt system it is. When the govt screws the citizens, that’s it, citizens would suffer & there really isn’t much they could do about it.

Thankfully that’s not happening in China in these decades

I’m just sharing a note of common sense. By the way, don’t be “anti-American” or “anti-China”. That’s really ignorant. Doesn’t solve anything.

That’s it for now, thanks friends, Mario

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