Ma Ying-Jeou China visit

Singtao Newspaper SF interview Johnson Choi, President of Hong Kong China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce on Ma Ying-jeou visit to Mainland China 美國加州舊金山星島電台尊訪香港中國夏威夷商會會長蔡永強關於台灣馬英九往中國大陸祭祖之旅

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Johnson Choi, Chairman of the Hong Kong China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, analyzed Tsai’s transit of the United States and Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to China 2023-03-31

Johnson Choi, president of the Hong Kong China China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, recently accepted an exclusive interview with Singtao SF Star TV’s “Hot Spot Watch”. screenshot from video

Johnson Choi, President of the Hong Kong China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HK China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce), recently accepted an online exclusive interview with Shen Chenchen, Manager of the Mandarin Channel of Sing Tao Chinese Radio, on Star TV’s “Hot Spot Watch” program, and analyzed two major events that have occurred on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in recent days-Tsai Ing-wen’s transit The United States and Ma Ying-jeou visited China.

Johnson Choi said that since Ma Ying-jeou and his family moved to Taiwan in 1952, he has never returned to the mainland, and he is also the first Taiwan leader to visit the mainland in 74 years. He said, “Ma Ying-jeou has been waiting for this day for a long time.” He thinks that Ma Ying-jeou led more than 30 young people to visit the mainland together, which is of great significance, because the exchanges between the youths on both sides of the strait have been interrupted for many years. He said that the two sides of the strait are the most beautiful The landscape is the people, he said, “especially the younger generation, we should not cut off our communication because of political issues.”

Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to mainland China and Tsai Ing-wen’s stopover in the United States almost coincided, so there are many speculations from the outside world. But Cai Yongqiang said that he had asked friends in Taiwan about this issue, and they said that Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to China to worship ancestors had actually been planned since before the Lunar New Year, because it took some time to make arrangements. But Johnson Choi also said, “After all, Ma Ying-jeou was the former president of Taiwan. It is hard to say what the meaning behind this trip finally collided with Tsai Ing-wen.”

Johnson Choi believes that “Ma Ying-jeou’s trip is obviously not as simple as offering sacrifices to ancestors.” He said that the special emphasis on ancestor worship may be to avoid too many political associations from the outside world, and there is no stop in Beijing on this trip, so Tsai Ing-wen also express respect for its decision. He also mentioned that in addition to the youth delegation, Ma Ying-jeou was accompanied by his three older sisters and younger sisters.

Johnson Choi said that it is not a day or two that the relations between Taiwan Strait and China-US are very tense. He believes that China has already made a series of strong reactions when Pelosi visited Taiwan. Because in the past, many leaders of Taiwan have also passed through the United States, he believes that “the impact this time will not be as drastic as Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.” Our reporter Hong Yuxin reported from San Francisco

香港夏威夷商會會長蔡永強 分析蔡過境美國馬英九訪陸 2023-03-31

香港中國夏威夷商會會長蔡永強近日接受星電視《熱點觀察》節目專訪。 來自視頻截圖

香港中國夏威夷商會(HK China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce)會長蔡永強近日接受星電視《熱點觀察》節目星島中文電台國語台經理沈琛琛線上專訪,分析了近日兩岸發生的兩件大事——蔡英文過境美國以及馬英九訪陸。





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