US is only good with bullsh_t

US is only good with bullsh_t! Why are China CCTV cameras called surveillance cameras, but the Western CCTV cameras are called security cameras?

Same reason as the following:

China’s landing on Mars is called conquer, US landing on Mars is called exploration . . . 😵‍💫

Terrorist in China is called a freedom fighter, terrorist in the West, of course, is called a terrorist.

US government is called administration. China government is called regime.

US/West invasion in Middle East is called liberation. Russian invasion . . . well, is called invasion. 😶‍🌫

The US invaded and organised coup on more than 25 countries since WWII is referred to as following international rule-based order. China fought 4 borders wars and voluntarily withdrew to its borders (before the wars) since WWII is referred to as a threat to international rule based order

Just a single word difference can brainwash you . . . 🥺 😵‍💫 😶‍🌫

The US government that can be bought with money is called democracy. The Chinese government that cannot be bought with money is called dictatorship . . . 🤫

Wars led by the US with the support of the West killed and maimed millions all over the world is called the civilised West. China which lifted 800 million from extreme poverty in the past 40 years (according to the UN and World Bank) is referred to as totalitarian .

[Ah Haha. This is what we called Hypocrites.] 🥺 🤓

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